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Crispy Skinned Pan Fried Barramundi

Phil Strasser - Tuesday, September 24, 2013


For those of you who eat fish, Barramundi would have to be high on your list of favourites!! It is considered as Australia's favourite fish. It has a sweet flavour. It is light, flaky, and is very meaty - like the sea bass.

It is a healthy fish - high in omega 3 essential fatty acids and being a white fish, is low in calories (compared to salmon).

It is easy to cook:

You can crumb it and then pan fry it.

Or you can marinate it. My advice is to leave the skin on and crispy the skin - the way the professionals do it!! I pan fried barramundi last night with my own Rocket pesto sauce.

You can use any marinade of your choice such as olive oil, fresh herbs and freshly squeezed lemon.

Using  Philby’s Moroccan Angel Dressing – Original or Spicy as a marinade, gives the fish an added slight "zing" as well as it helps with the caramelising/browning of the fish in the cooking process - adding to the overall appearance, giving it a professional touch.  

Simply pour some Philby’s Moroccan Angel Dressing – Original or Spicy over the fish at least 2 hours before you plan to pan fry it. Use a little oil in a non stick fry pan, and bring the oil to a med - high heat. put in the barramundi SKIN SIDE DOWN. After about 3 minutes, use a palette knife to lift the fish a little to see if the skin is crispy and browned. Once browned, turn over carefully (so as not to damage the flesh). Repeat on the other side. Gently cook the interior until ready. THIS DISH GOES VERY WELL WITH A PESTO SAUCE.  This is such a nice, healthy, and protein packed meal - a meal that you would pay top $$$ in a restaurant!!!!