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Chicken Breast with that extra edge

Phil Strasser - Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chicken breast with that extra edge!!

There are so many ways to flavour up your chicken breast.

Here is another way to add taste and some caramelised colour to it by simply using Philby’s Moroccan Angel Dressing – Original or Spicy.

Personally, I prefer the spicy to add that extra edge.
Here is what you do – and it is simple!

* Trim and portion your chicken breast. Use a meat hammer to flatten them a little for even cooking.
* Coat each piece with Philby’s Moroccan Angel Dressing – Original or Spicy.
* Let sit for approx 2 hours (or more).
* Using a non stick fry pan and on a high heat, put in a little butter and oil.
* Add the chicken breasts and cook the side down for approx 2 – 3 minutes until that side is browned. Turn over and repeat. The other side won’t take so long. Turn down the heat – and you can even go so far as to turn off the heat and cover the pan partially with a lid or alfoil to trap in the residue heat. Don’t cover the pan completely otherwise you will end up “stewing” the breasts.
* Check that the interior is cooked through.
* Ready
The result is a tender delicious and caramelised chicken breast piece. Serve it with mashed potatoes and vegetables!!