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Storing mince meat

Phil Strasser - Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Storing mince meat

Mince meat gives you the opportunity to make hamburgers, meat balls, and bolognaise sauce. Therefore mince meat is very versatile. But to make sure that it is a safe product, just be aware that it is very perishable because once it is minced, it has a much larger surface area and is far more exposed to bacteria had that same meat not been minced. Once bacteria is formed on the surface of the minced meat, it can very quickly penetrate further inside.

It is for this reason that correct storage is critical. Once purchased, refrigerate straight away or use straight away. if refrigerating it, use it within 2 days.

If you have purchased mince meat and don't intend to use it within those 2 days, then freeze it. If you freeze it:

* Flatten it. This will ensure even freezing and even thawing

* Once flattened, thoroughly cling wrap it as this will prevent freezer burn

* Once you have thawed it, don't refreeze it, cook it straight away because of the danger of all that exposed surface area to bacteria.


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