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Why let your meat rest after cooking?
Why let meat rest? One of the most simplest yet most powerful techniques a chef can use in the cooking and serving of meat is just simply letting it rest after cooking – especially after the dry heat cooking methods of roasting, grilling, or pan frying. By lettin  Read More

Test your meat temperature
Testing meat temperature: Without a digital thermometer, you are guessing when your meat is done to your liking. Most of us like our meat med -rare - pink in the middle. The temperature at which you should take your meat off the heat and/or out of the oven is at around 55 - 60 degrees C in order to a  Read More

Grain Fed meat and Grass fed meat
Grain fed – animals raised in feedlot farms are confined to a small area and fed a controlled diet. It is usually a nutrient dense set of diet grains designed to “fatten up” the animal prior to slaughter. This encourages marbling and makes the meat juicier and tender. The whole breeding   Read More

Grilling steak for Grand Finals
Here is the best way to grill your steak - especially for the grand finals! This is a New York cut Make sure that your steak is as close to room temperature as possible for even cooking and better browning (as opposed to steak just out of the fridge) Season the steak for flavour   Read More

Lamb Cutlets
The great thing about lamb cutlets are that, being small and quite thin, they cook very quickly They can be eaten as finger food as well. So lamb cutlets are quite versatile * Ensure that the meat is NOT straight out of the fridge. If they are close to room temperature they cook better * Seaso  Read More

Beef Bourguignon
This is one of the most traditional French dishes — FEEDS TWELVE TO SIXTEEN — INGREDIENTS 2 kg Diced chuck steak 700g Brown onion 800g Carrots 1 stick Celery 70g Plain flour 2L Beef St  Read More

Grilling steak
Start with a nice tender cut such as a scotch fillet or NY steak Make sure that the steak is as close to room temperature as possible Season the meat Whether it is the BBQ or a grill plate sitting on stove tops ensure that the heat is on high and oil the grill. The  Read More

Pan Frying Steak
Here are some tips to pan frying steak Ensure that the steak is not straight from the fridge Season the steak Put the pan on a high heat and add some oil. Once the oil is added. Bring to a high heat before adding the steak Once the steak is brown on one side turn over the o  Read More

sauce making skills - deglazing
Have you ever wondered how the professional chef creates such delicious sauces with your steaks? The process is called deglazing. Here is what the chef does and now you can do it in your own home! After the steaks have been pan fried and removed from the pan to rest, what you have left in the pan   Read More

Cooking your green vegetables
How to get the most out of cooking your green vegetables These days vegetables are recognised not only for their nutritional value, but for their flavour and eye appeal. so it is important that we understand how to cook vegetables and why we use that particular cooking process. When it comes to gr  Read More