There is nothing better than:

  • A pan fried steak that has that tasty and brownness on the outside, and tender, tasty, and so moist on the inside served with a delicious sauce
  • A grilled steak (whether it was done on a portable grill that sits on 2 stoves or the barbeque) with those visually delectable chargrill marks on the exterior of the meat and a tasty juicy restaurant quality interior
  • A roast with the same qualities as the above 2 – a delicious tender interior surrounded by a crispy brown and naturally tasty exterior served with a perfect gravy
  • A braised dish where the meat is so incredibly flavourful and unashamedly melt – in – your – mouth tender

All the above are the hall marks of successfully prepared, cooked and served restaurant quality meats.

Do you pay top $$$ for this? Yes of course you do! The Professional Chef has been trained to do this for you.

Can you produce these results at home for a fraction of the cost – even though you haven't had this extensive professional training and all that experience as the commercial chef?

Of course you can!

And that is the purpose of this book!

My name is Phil Strasser. I am a qualified chef and I teach on this very subject. I am so proud to now have available to you a hard copy book that gives you those very skills, knowledge, great tips, and ideas based on my own culinary training and experience to set you on a path to cook your meat to a standard – a restaurant quality standard that you can be immensely proud of!

Therefore this is not just a book on recipes it also dives into valuable content – that same valuable content that is taught at the culinary schools that train chefs to cook your meat to the standard that you are expected to pay top $$$ for.

A "taste" of what's inside:

  • What you can look for when purchasing meat. This is important because achieving a restaurant quality result has a lot to do with starting with the right meat in the first place. An entire chapter is devoted to this.
  • Herbs and Spices – when to use them in the flavouring of your meat – plus more.
  • What is meat and why does it behave the way it does? In this section the book goes into detail to teach you why different cuts of meat warrant certain cookery methods plus more. In this section the book covers in detail tough cuts as opposed to the tender cuts. This is the start, for you, to cook meat with confidence. The professional chef cooks meat with confidence because he/she has this knowledge (as well as the experience) and from this section of the book, so will you.
  • In the following chapter we look at the different cuts of meat that you are most likely to find at the butchers or at the supermarket. What are these cuts, where on the animal are they located, and what are the best cookery methods for these cuts. This way you can make an informed decision when purchasing your meat.
  • The book covers briefly the cooking of goat. A new and emerging meat hitting the Australian supermarkets and butcher shelves.
  • The different cookery methods – roasting, grilling, pan frying, and braising.
    The 4 cookery main methods that you are most likely to use at home to cook your meat. This section of the book gives you the valuable knowledge and skills as well as tips that the professional chef has that are now available to you to learn to use these cookery methods to cook your meat to restaurant quality
  • I give you my thoughts on pan-frying frozen meat. This is relevant to you if you are time poor. What about pan frying without butter and/nor oil? Well, I give my thoughts on that as well
  • I give my top braising advice to achieve the most delicious – flavourful and tender meat.
  • While on braising I give you my thoughts on the slow cooker, the pressure cooker and oven cooking. Which is best?
  • Following on from this chapter are exciting recipes where you have the chance to use the knowledge and to practice new skills all from the book!
  • My pork crackling tip on page 96
  • My absolute magic marinade for meat on page 45 that is an absolute winner! This marinade gives so much flavour to your meat!
  • There are other marinades in the book as well for lamb (page 83) and pork (page 95)
  • Sauces! Many a meat dish is severely lacking without a sauce. This section covers in detail what the professional chef does to create the perfect moist accompaniment to your meal that you can now adopt
  • There is a ‘In a nutshell’ section as a very concise summary for each section 1-5

Overall what you will have and gain from this book are the priceless tips, techniques and knowledge to cook your meat to a professional level that you pay top $$$ for

So why wait??

Be the professional chef in your own home by using this book as your valuable resource to cook your meat to the highest standard for yourself, family, and friends!

And save!